Why did this happen to me?

I recently responded to a post wherein the question was asked, “Why did this happen to me?” While I agree with the author that at some point you must stop asking that question and move on; however, if you do that, you risk leaving unfinished business behind. It is likely unfinished business of life that cannot be ignored.

Perhaps the better question to ask is, “What is my lesson here?” Whatever happened to you happened for a reason. It happened to you to teach you a lesson — or should I say, give you an opportunity to learn something new. Perhaps it’s something that you have needed to learn for a long time and now is the time for you to get it.

As I see it (experience life), the messages start softly like a whisper… an overheard conversation, a song on the radio, someone making a suggestion… No big deal, so you ignore it.  But God, the Universe, Allah, et al is persistent. The message gets louder… more requests, warnings, someone else has the problem, something gets your attention a bit more. Still, not your problem, too much already to do, so you ignore it. Again God, the Universe, Allah, et al is persistent.

Wham! You get hit by a bus! “Why did this happen to me?” Because you were not paying attention to the previous message that were there all along. And not taking action. Not learning and changing. Evolving as is demanded by life. Now the message is loud enough, front & center, and demands immediate attention. Continue to ignore it at your peril. I recommend that you keep asking, “What is my lesson here?” until you come up with an answer. Hint: The answer is about you (no others to blame), and how must you be differently?

Like how?
Perhaps you just need to start looking at something or someone differently. Allow your perception of them to change along with their own evolution. (For example, your kids are adults and not your babies anymore.)
Always pushing for the sale before you have a sufficient business relationship established and losing deals.
Getting fired over and over again because you won’t give your employer what they really want.
Your spouse files for divorce — out of the blue! –> because you aren’t [and haven’t been] paying attention to him/her!
Think about it, none of it happens to you.

Every time something happens to you… God is trying to get your attention to get you to better align yourself with the Universe. When you don’t hear the message, He turns up the volume. Better to sooner ask, “What is my lesson here?”

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