How much money do you need to
have and do everything you want?


Download this free Excel®-based worksheet to find out…

What’s your “Number”?!?

Your answer may surprise you!

I was sitting in my office one very nice Saturday afternoon, reading one more story of how another entrepreneur had just made a $ Billion…

A) I was the only person in the office working…
B) I wondered how much work was it going to take to make $ Billion…
C) But wait, how much money would it really take to buy/have/do everything I wanted?

To answer this question, I created this handy Excel®-based calculator:

free personal financial goals calculator excel spreadsheet

So, no matter where you are in your business-building, perhaps a reminder of your financial goal is in order.
(It’s but a small taste of the kind of thinking and tools we make for you.)
And perhaps the basis of inspiration for your business plan!


Download it Here for Free:

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