How much are your customers worth?

Customer lifetime value excel

What’s the lifetime value of your customers?

  • How much do your customers buy over time?
  • How much profit do you make?
  • How often do they come back?
  • For how long?
  • What’s the probability of buying your next product or service?
  • How much profit there?


Some of this is fact from your shopping cart, other is WAG (wild ass guessing), but you can play around to figure out where your bread is buttered.

  • How much should you invest to attract another customer?
  • What’s your ROI for acquiring a new customer?
  • How much is your customer base worth?


Good stuff to think about.
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But wait there’s more… Referrals!

What about their referrals? Most models leave them out! Yikes! Referrals multiply your lifetime customer value by compounding more customers with lifetime values. To get referrals, your products and service had better be beyond great (think Apple), plus all post-purchase contact (service, results, attitude…) can actually do more to multiply your customer lifetime value than any of the above.

Afterall, you’re multiplying your customers by leveraging their word-of-mouth. We want to give you this tool now. Play with the spreadsheet to see what the effects are…

This is but one of the 36 Excel templates included in our MarketingBuilder software. While many are diving headlong into social media to build their businesses, remember there are a zillion marketing tactics under one overall strategy that must be coordinated and consistent for best results.

I’m not your mama talking here — and you know better! And it’s on you to eat you veggies. But Marketing Builder software helps you develop your marketing plan, like sheet music for your band, so everyone can play together to get the most out of your effort and investment in marketing to build sales.

More about Marketing Builder here…

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