What they say about me…

I am deeply gratified and grateful for the wonderful comments these people have said about me…

“I’ve never met Burke but I am huge fan of his products and his company. In my various roles as a VP of Marketing at a $400M company, as an independent consultant, and as an entrepreneur, I have used several JIAN Tools. In sharp contrast to cookie-cutter, turnkey packages that promise much and deliver little, JIAN’s tools are clean, powerful, and effective. Based on applications you already know how to use –and tailored to specific issues, they enable you to ground your mission in reality while enabling your creativity to run free. I strongly recommend this man’s company and products.”
~ Carl D. Melville, Chicago, IL


“I loved Business Black Belt! This book is a uniquely powerful success manual. It is jam-packed with useful insights that will enable you to win in business and in life. Author Burke Franklin has total credibility thanks to his accomplishments in the martial arts combined with his brilliant career in business. Compared to this tour de force, most other business books I read spend lots of pages hitting and missing and groping and fumbling when it comes to delivering practical information. This one flies to the mark over and over again, on page after enlightening page. Most unusual of all, and most gratifying, is that Franklin genuinely succeeds in applying lessons from the martial arts-and from other forms of physical endeavor-to the world of business. The typical book that promises benefits from a field of endeavor outside of business, be it sports, war, or whatever, never actually succeeds in importing the mastery of one field into another. I suspect that the reason the attempt so often fails is that it was never intended to be much more than a gimmick for a clever title. In the case of Business Black Belt, the different disciplines are truly merged. There is also a rare sense of thoughtfulness. The ideas Franklin presents are not off-the-cuff notions slammed down on the page to meet a publishing deadline; they are hard-won insights culled with honesty and integrity from his own experience and set down with clarity so that the reader can profit from them. Wherever you are in your career, whatever the stage or situation of your present business, reading Business Black Belt will energize and stimulate you with wisdom that is at once hard-hitting, subtle, and profound.”
~ Scott DeGarmo, former Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine


“Burke is the model business person… caring more about the value he gives customers than the bottom line of his company. This concern and integrity he gives to his market can be measured by the longevity of his company success – over 20 years. Burke and I had the same flight instructor and we both have a martial arts background – we value many of the same things – I am proud to know him. The innovation he continues for his company (Jian) is based on the value he is committed to providing to his client base. Although he is continually updating and upgrading his products and programs – he sticks to the basics in offering true value to his customers. His best-selling business software and book (Business Black Belt) are among the most revered in the world. Burke is just as comfortable having a cup of coffee with you as he is having a beer with you – he listens and communicates like he cares… because he truly does. P.S. He is also an accomplished pianist. He played Traffic’s “Glad” for me, one of the most difficult (and enjoyable) piano instrumentals in the last 50 years. He’s a rare and awesome individual. (Get his software!)”
~ Michael Morales, Owner, A.C.T. Advanced Consulting & Training


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“Burke has made organization for performance optimization his life’s work. Now that sounds like a bit of mumbo, but what Burke does is make it possible for the creative fly by the seat of your pants types such as myself to remain creative and fly with a solid flexible plan based on real life information. Burke’s products and philosophy will help the starving creative genius become the creative mogul in a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend his products and have been using them for about eight years.”
~ Jerry O’Brien


“I first found Burke and JIAN almost 10 years ago – and have been a RAVING FAN ever since. I trust his knowledge, skill and more importantly – his Wisdom – he is after all – a JIAN… Seriously, we’ve used many of JIAN’s products and found them accurate, up-to-date and incredibly useful – I strongly endorse both Burke and JIAN.”
~ Jeffrey Edwards, President and CEO, Alchemists Intl


“Burke is an amazingly creative and resourceful entrepreneur. He found a market niche and captured it whole-heartedly. As a speaker, he is funny, engaging, entertaining, and wonderfully motivational. There’s no question that anyone who is lucky to work with Burke will find it truly rewarding.”
~ Jan Altman, Vice-President, Business Development, DrivAd, Inc.


“Burke Franklin is a Frequent Guest on my radio show americandreamersradio.com. Burke Franklin BizPlanBuilder is endorsed in 140 countries by IBI Global to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. Refer to www.ibiglobal.com for endorsements online.
~ BJ Dohrmann, Founder CEO Space


“Burke is a brilliant marketer and an inspiration to anyone he comes in contact with. He’s a true entrepreneur and I’ve learned much from him. I’ve known Burke for over 20 years and he’s an honest, exceptional business man and person”
~ Jim Coughlin, Managing Director, Foundation Systems


“It has been a pleasure to work with Burke and JIAN over these past 5 years. Burke is one of those rare entrepreneurs who listens to input from others. I’m looking forward to our next project together.”
– Robert Johnson, Managing Member, Business Growth Masters, LLC


“I’ve known Burke for almost 20 years, he is a very capable and creative CEO. He is honest and trustworthy and an excellent business partner.”
~ David Fein, President/CEO, ValuSource


“I first started working with Burke in 2004. Since that time he and I have completed some joint ventures, have collaborated on business deals, and I have reviews some of the products that his company produces. I have found Burke to be a professional that can handle the complex issues of business and cut immediately to the core issues that will maximize the possibility of the success of the venture. I recommend Burke with no reservations.”
~ David Newman, Sc.D., C.Ht., Managing Partner, Templar LLC