For Your Next Entrepreneurial Class or Event…

Bring in the “man who launched a million businesses!”

Imagine what your people can learn from me…

Since more than two million entrepreneurs, inventors and advisors have used my BizPlanBuilder business planning and other software, I like to think I’ve had a hand in their success.

Here’s a unique and powerful opportunity to apply the “awareness and mindfulness” of lessons learned from 38 years of personal development work and workshops, martial arts, flying, and real-world business success applied to building companies…


“I’ll share what I’ve learned from building my own business over 30 years, compounded by creating software to help others build theirs.”

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  • “As from last semester, your guest lecture last night was so well received and appreciated by the students.
  • “Best advice on starting a business!”
  • “Wow! He makes me believe I can start a business!”
  • “So real, so funny!” and
  • “That was incredible!”

…were just some of the comments.

Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare and deliver another inspiring guest lecture. Thanks again and very best,”

~ Dr. Sarah McCue, Instructor, Georgetown University, Graduate School of Business, Capstone Course, Washington, DC

Presentation Topics

“Awareness & Consciousness in Business”

  • Highlights of 30 Years of Business Development Tips
    Issues I’ve Seen Over and Over…
  • Conscious Business Practices
  • What It’s Going to Take
  • The Application of Purpose
  • Critical Issues About Investors
  • Marcus Aurelius:
    Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
    Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”
  • Planning & Strategy
  • 60-minutes
  • Watch this Presentation

“The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan”

  • In 90-minutes, I can walk your group through an entire business plan and teach them exactly what investors and lenders are looking for to fund their companies
  • Ideally, everyone has a copy of my BizPlanBuilder on their laptop so they can follow along with the real product
  • Perfect for all entrepreneurs and startup teams seeking capital
  • Questions are invited
  • It’s a very popular subject at entrepreneurial conferences


“How to Build Your Business Without Funding”

  • Perhaps my most popular topic
  • All the things you can do to get up and running that cost nothing
  • Including ideas and insights for becoming ready for investors
  • …which also builds momentum attractive to investors!
  • 90-minutes
  • Perfect for start-ups, entrepreneurs avoiding investors
  • Click to watch a version of this presentation here
Watch a Version of this Presentation Here


“Verbal Awareness — Words Are the Seeds of Your Creation”

  • or “How Conscious Language Leads to Business Success”
  • If you describe what you want in terms of what you don’t want, what do you expect?
  • We live in a world of double negatives. The world has issues. Coincidence?
  • Don’t think of an elephant… (Now there’s an elephant in our conversation.)
  • What else do we unconsciously say that inspires images and emotions?
  • You’ll cringe at what you’ve been saying, but, with practice, things will turn-around.
  • 40-minutes
  • Perfect for all salespeople and managers
Watch a Version of this Presentation Here
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Invite Me to Speak to Your Group

Contact Sue Gibson | | 760-521-3525