You’re building a business…

You have a lot to do… Need more time… More cash… All the help you can get…
It’s got to be right… Under your control. With minimal BS!
You want to make a difference… And a profit!

I understand!

And my company makes software tools that will help you…

I’m talking fast because I wanted to make the video shorter and save you time…
and maybe I had a little too much caffeine and I’m a bit excited.
Should I re-do it speaking slower or do you prefer drinking from the a fire hose?

business power tools free plan software template

The Toolbox for Startups, Growing Companies, and their Advisors

If 80% of businesses fail, what are the 20% doing right?

According to an SBA study…
of the businesses that failed,
60% had no business plan.

If you run a startup, a high growth company, or anywhere in between, Business Power Tools offers a vast integrated library of software templates to craft your business plan, marketing strategy, employee handbook, safety manual, and more—leaving you time for those other hats.

Business Power Tools (formerly known as JIAN) has been developing software tools for building and managing small to medium-sized businesses since 1988. Business Power Tools’ flagship product, BizPlanBuilder®, plus MarketingBuilder®, seven other proprietary titles and dozens of individual modules comprise the current product line.

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“We support motivated people to deliver their innovations to the world by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business as their vehicle to achieve independence and success. Together with our customers and partners, we can improve business, society, and the human condition.”
~ Burke Franklin, Creator & CEO, Business Power Tools

Your virtual business development incubator / accelerator

Entrepreneurs in every industry can complete mission-critical projects quickly and easily to appeal to angel and venture capital investors. These executives benefit from proven business process management expertise to write a business plan to raise capital, an employee policy handbook, compose job descriptions, use sample contracts, be their own PR firm, or publish a safety manual to comply with OSHA.

business development software templates
Business Power Tools’ products draw upon the experience of successful business professionals from nearly every industry and business model imaginable, plus the feedback from thousands of customers.

New! Modern business development platform

Now all of our software apps and templates have been updated (again) and integrated into this comprehensive, secure, and collaborative dashboard:

business plan software template dashboard online