How Much is Your Time Worth?

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In another lifetime long long ago, I sold word-processing systems.
The crux of our sales pitch was how much time our system would save all of the users and others who were constantly typing documents.

To drive this point home, I created this spreadsheet to show how much their time was worth.

free financial goals calculator excel spreadsheet

If investing in your thing is more profitable than their time,
it’s a no-brainer… And now you can prove it.

If your client were to save an hour a day or work smarter, and added hours of productivity to their day,
what would that be worth to them?

(Or what if you were to hire others at a lesser rate than yours, how does that add up?)

My model takes it to $100,000,000!

You may get there if you start thinking like this.

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Use it to determine the value of your own time, then consider what are the best uses of your time.