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Imagine a comprehensive business-building toolbox loaded with time-tested, professionally-scripted document and spreadsheet templates to help build a successful company around your ideas.

Burke Franklin business black belt

Are you ready?

You have a powerful concept…
and you’re starting or building a company.
You’ve got a lot to do…

How do you handle the everyday challenges of organizing, funding, managing, marketing, policies, procedures, and everything else you need to get done?

I’ve invested over 40 years practicing marketing, sales, management as well as spiritual pursuits like hundreds of “personal growth” workshops, meditation, and martial arts as well as flying (I had a 1980 Beech Bonanza V35B), music (electric guitar), and traveling the world.

My magic power is understanding how to apply technology to real life, and how to tweak things to make them work more efficiently and smoothly.

Originally, 33+ years ago, I created the BizPlanBuilder business planning software template system that helped put me as well as thousands of others on-the-map.

By now, over 2+ million people across the world have used it to start, finance, and build successful companies.

Since then, my company (originally JIAN, but rebranded to) Business Power Tools has continuously developed a broad line of business growth tools. Today, these tools are all integrated into an all-in-one online workspace for organizing, funding, and growing your company… as well as generating revenue helping clients and associates build theirs.

Along the way, I wrote Business Black Belt to share everything I learned from applying all of the above to building a successful business.

Now I’m looking for partners to create new businesses, training, and tools to help us bust-loose from antiquated thinking — taking our world to new levels of consciousness and prosperity.

Business plan success case studiesWhat I love
Build a business around your passion or calling. Have a life, minimize the BS and be successful.
icon threats to startup small business success Threats
The biggest threats are what we think we know – if you can relax your mind to new possibilities, you may just find a better way.
startup business software templatesBusiness Power Tools Software
Ready-to-Use templates for building your business
business black belt management entrepreneurial best practicesBusiness Black Belt
Your 20-year head-start bonus — stories and ideas to last a lifetime. Your business is your dojo. Book & blog.
Ideas from many sources
Because I’m interested in many things, I bring solutions from unusual places.
icon dollar startup small business funding financingBusiness financing without money?
What if money were only one of 10 channels to get what you need? What can you do before investors?
Tools… Lots of cool tools
Make your computer your workhorse. Working harder for you.
Business. Insights. Answers.
Here are a few videos about business and other useful things you can learn and do now
Perhaps I can help you
OK, so you’ve stepped in something. Ewww..!
Call, email, or text me.
Some cool projects in the Works
Business, personal, global…

“I’ve known and worked with Burke for over 20+ years. I consider Burke as one of the most innovative, effective, inspirational and honest people I’ve ever met. His business acumen, marketing savvy and ability to create solutions, dynamic products and just out and out wow people with his brilliant business and marketing thinking is second to none. Burke has helped countless entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success in their business perhaps like no other man I know of. And with all his success and the innumerable people who have succeeded because of him, he’s still a down-to-earth, humble man who is a joy to be around. Burke has inspired and assisted me as a business adviser, a marketing guru, and as a friend on numerous occasions and I deeply appreciate his invaluable insights and the opportunity to have him in my life. Should you or your business have the opportunity to work with him, I simply can’t say any more emphatically that this is an opportunity you will always be grateful for.
~ Eric Brisgel, CEO, E Works