Software writes a comprehensive employee policies & procedures manual for your company

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Enjoy HR best-practices, policies and procedures for your business

If you’re spending more time on employee motivation and human resource management than on running your business, you need Employee Manual Builder.

As laws and regulations proliferate and the workplace becomes ever more litigious, business owners need a way to deal with the onerous burden of Human Resources compliance. That’s where Employee Manual Builder comes in.

An employee handbook is the centerpiece of an effective HR program. The employee handbook explains your company’s policies and procedures and communicates your expectations to employees. By setting clear standards of conduct, you’ll make sure that you and other managers will treat every employee fairly and consistently.

A good handbook can improve morale, increase productivity, prevent disagreements, and even keep you out of court. If your company doesn’t have an employee policy handbook, it would be a good idea to get one now.

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Clearly communicate your HR benefits, expectations and policies

Employee Manual Builder contains the policies appropriate for most small companies.

Menu-driven from start to finish, Employee Manual Builder’s organized system gives you a complete employee policies and procedures handbook that has been thoroughly proven by thousands of users and in every state.

Choose from 200+ of the latest employment policies, procedures and employee benefits. The text and guidance are all right there, ready for you to edit into a customized manual for your company. (No copying, pasting or reformatting needed.)

You can use Employee Manual Builder as is, revise any part of it, or copy and paste content from other documents directly into it.


“Yes! I am extremely happy with your product. I had an ancient floppy disk version sitting on the shelf. I downloaded and installed the upgrade, edited the policies, converted the entire document to PDF, and uploaded it to our web server! Thanks to you and your fine company, I was able to quickly publish a real, editable policy handbook instead of just slapping something together. As a small business consultant, you can be sure that I will recommend your software to others in our sphere of influence.”
~ George Ireton, Shasta Consulting & Web Design, Redding, CA,


Your complete employee policy handbook in minutes

Whether you are writing your first employee policy manual or updating your previous handbook, Employee Manual Builder provides the easiest and fastest way to produce a comprehensive and current human resources policy and procedures manual for your company. It can save you thousands of dollars and many, many hours of work.

Plus, you and your management team will learn many valuable management tips and practices that will minimize HR issues, keep you out of court and maintain a productive working environment.


Advanced & evolved… a current employee policies handbook

Advancements over 30+ years by attorneys, entrepreneurial managers, and HR experts promote a positive and conscious company culture for maximum productivity.

Everything you need to plan, develop and implement your employee policies to produce a comprehensive employee policy handbook is right here:

  • Leverage your time answering routine employee questions
  • Potentially minimize liability and damages from employee legal actions
  • Comprehensive sample employee policy handbook with 200+ employee policies & procedures to copy or adapt
  • Addresses the toughest standards of every state (including CA & HI)
  • Thoroughly revised and updated
  • Easily edit or reformat to your desires
  • Collaborative system enables secure sharing over a network or the Internet
  • Step x step instructions with expert commentary explain each section and offer best practices.
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide.
  • Bonus #1: Includes the Manager’s Procedures Guide — perfect for training your managers
  • Bonus #2: How To Protect Against Lawsuits
  • Bonus #3: 66 useful HR forms, memo templates + Access to FREE Federal & State posters make HR management easier
  • Instant Access with Subscription


“This is the second time I have purchased this software.”
The product surpasses others of its type available.”
~ Daniel C. Overton, CEO, E.L.A. Security, Inc.

“The best Employee Manual on the market. It’s fast, easy & accurate!”
~ Glenn Stock, Electronic Communications Systems, Vienna, VA

“I recommend Employee Manual Builder to many of my small business clients.”
~ Elwin Boody, SBDC, Canon City, CO

“Looks great! I’ve worked in HR for 4 years and I’ve been collecting policies all along from various sources, but this has enabled me to finally put together all the pieces. I care a lot about empowering people, and I can see that this was written from that point of view. Thanks.”
~ Annie Kavanagh, former Director of Human Resources, ComputerWare, Palo Alto, CA

Joyce Baywood - employee policy software user and expert personnel policies consultant“I wanted to tell you how easy the Employee Manual Builder is to use. The Manual’s reference to the law is a wonderful reminder of the details we may forget when writing, and the number of options given for specific policies is terrific. The software gave me answers to policies I never even thought of!”
~ Joyce Baywood, HR Consultant, Bethany Beach, DE

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