Can you justify buying that airplane or bulldozer?

aircraft equipment investment analysis excel(Of course you can… you just need to do the math!)

If you purchased an airplane / bulldozer, leased it to a flying club / construction company(?), and depending on costs, your tax situation, rental income and everything else involved in owning an aircraft / bulldozer…

  • How much will it cost to own?
  • Will it make money?
  • How will tax benefits offset the cost?

Same goes for any piece of expensive heavy equipment.

The bottom half shows…

  • Future Sales Projection
  • Net Cash-flow Projection
  • Tax Effect
  • Net Profit (Cost) After Tax
  • After-Tax Operating Profit / Hr
  • Net Present Value (NPV) of Investment
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • (Owner’s Incremental Cost to Operate Personally

Use this comprehensive worksheet to figure it out and test different scenarios — Expands out to 20 years.
It’s easy to understand and use.
We also make sure that the math is easy to follow!

I thought I’d give you some feedback on the Owning and Operating Cost sheet you sent me. I think it is very accurate. The O & O Cost per hour for my airplane on your sheet is $171.00. The one I did using the Caterpillar Performance Handbook formula was $176.00. Subtle differences probably account for the $5.00 difference. I’m happy that they are that close because in the real world that is close enough!
– Mike Whalen

And I’m not trying to sell you a bulldozer!

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