Here is your total business-building blueprint! 30+ years of evolution, testing, and success… Into a business plan software program that produces a roadmap for growth and success — with or without outside financing!

Jian Biz Plan Builder business plan software

Besides financing, our perspective is this…
How much of your business can you build before financing?
What impresses investors most is how much you can accomplish with what you have. When you can prove that you’re resourceful, investors are often inclined to bet on you and your business.

Sure, an investor may give you a meeting with a 3-page summary plan, but to go to the next stage, you will need many more answers and a solid business plan. To help you, we’ve taken the best elements from hundreds of successful business plans and presentations, and incorporated them into specific template documents that you can edit into your own — prepared from the investors’ and lenders’ perspective.

Biz Plan Builder chunks business planning into a series of short sections that help you describe your unique business concept, the marketplace, strategy, and prospects for success, with pre-programmed Excel workbooks doing all of the financial math. The included PowerPoint “pitch” template has been refined after many investor presentations. Then, add-in 20+ years of feedback from business owners, consultants and others who have gone before you…

“BizPlanBuilder employs a refreshing combination of the philosopher and expert mentor approach.”
– Gerald Herter, CPA, MBA, Accounting Technology

We’ve set-up the structure, typed the content, then you simply read along and customize to your liking.

Biz Plan Builder business plan software is the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into a winning plan and a successful business. That’s why BizPlanBuilder is so widely welcomed (and often referred) as the best business plan software by so many people who really understand business planning and business plans today.

With BizPlanBuilder business plan software, you’ll be able to express your business ideas in terms that both bankers and investors expect. Best of all, with expert business advice at every step of the process, the hardest part of writing your plan is behind you.

compare business plan software templatesOther users love BizPlanBuilder
More than 2 million entrepreneurs and business owners have used BizPlanBuilder to start, finance and build their businesses
Write a business plan for angel or venture capitalAvoid problems with investors
Avoid the pitfalls that doom you with investors — raise capital if / when you need it, but tell a great story with organized facts and good numbers.
Ideas from many sources
We’ve condensed the key elements of business plan into a simple system anyone can use. Follow our lead and you will dazzle the toughest of investors or lenders.
Proven financial models
Right-brain, left brain? Artist or engineer? Either way, you will be comfortable planning your business. Flexible Excel-based financial models are easily customizable for an exact fit to your business.
business plan software supportSupport. Support. Support.
Some parts are easy for some people, but there may be places you get stuck… not to worry, we’re here to help! Just call.
Tools you can use now
More than business plan software we include 50 extra templates to help you win with investors, lenders and employees and to update it as your business evolves and changes.

“Those who are victorious plan effectively and change decisively. They are like a great river that maintains its course, but adjusts its flow. They have have form, but are formless.  They are skilled in both planning and adapting and need not fear the result of a thousand battles; for they win in advance, defeating those who have already lost.”  Sun Tzu 50-100 BCE

Biz Plan Builder Business Plan Software:

Complete. Easy. Fast. Professional.

  • Proven business plan content & format has raised over $2 BILLION in capital through angels, banks, VCs, SBA-backed loans and others.
  • Ongoing refinement since 1988 — this is the original business planning software continuously refined longer than any other.
  • Proven formula & structure — while the content and layout is what is expected, the professionals may never know you used software! You and your plan will be better than everyone and everything they’ve seen.
  • Easy user interface makes it easy to find plan documents, Excel workbooks, Power Point presentation and sample plans.
  • Written/edited by a former Sharper Image Catalog® copywriter — an effective, persuasive style structure you can follow and complete
  • Microsoft Office integration allows you to work in the familiar, native Word & Excel environment — you already know how to use it!
  • Password Security with 128-bit encryption protects your projects, while still enabling secure control of additional users
  • Customizable, comprehensive Word templates form the basis for the entire business plan — Add / Edit / Format the text any way you like!

small business plan software is easy to useEasy to use – Flexible publishing options

  • Progressive plan enables you to start small and build. Click the sections you want to include — add more as you need them
  • Expert Comments throughout explain what’s going on, why, and what to say — Turn them Off/On with just one click
  • Intuitive menus show every tool — it’s easy to jump around and work where you want. The system keeps you organized and enables a step-by-step approach.
  • Constantly updated
      • Edited from the inside out to appeal to current investors & lenders
    • Publish your business plans to HTML format — Ideal for distributing your plan electronically.
    • Save your Business Plan as a .PDF — Makes sending to investors and lenders easy!
    • Build new plans from previous plans — create your own customizable templates.
  • Drag & Drop customization lets you organize your plan any way you like.
  • Tab from variable to variable — quickly fill in the blanks & complete the sentences.
  • Live updates from the Business Power Tools website keep you up-to-date
  • Automatic Updates from v8 & v9 — Easily paste in sections from previous plan templates

Collaborate with business plan softwareSecure Multi-User Access Enables Unlimited Collaboration Over a Network or the Internet

Work from your office PC, home PC or laptop to easily access your files from a server or shared storage device. Designate an unlimited number of additional users to collaborate with you using password-protected access. (They’ll need to have their own licensed copy of BizPlanBuilder.)

  • Add an unlimited number of users
  • Management Teams — Share the work and get your plan done
  • Consultants — Create plans and keep connected with your clients
  • Educators — Oversee and participate with your student teams
  • Investment Bankers — Quickly make changes and update plans

This is true multi-user file-sharing for collaboration

  • Much more than email transferring of files!
  • Control other users’ access: None / Read-Only / Full-Edit
  • Section by section Check-Out & Check-In prevents overwriting each others work
  • Works with DropBox and other file-folders online, you can share files securely over the web.

small business plan financial forecast modelUpgraded Financial Forecasting Models

  • Flexible Excel worksheets calculate figures, show the math & create impressive statements and projections to support your plan.
  • Easily customize to suit your unique business. They also address most of the explaining to investors and lenders so you don’t have to!
  • Quick-fill assumptions pages enable easy top-down or bottom-up forecasting.
  • Project sales by product/line/marketing channel— including table-driven seasonal & mix adjustment
  • Customizable HR planning pages help you plan staffing, payroll and present/future space requirements
  • Start-Up & Capital Requirements sections
  • Use of Funds Summary: Takes the detail from the Start-Up” and “Capital Requirements” pages and shows investors how their investment will be used — includes bar & pie charts.
  • Expanded market and profit center categories: Enable more flexibility & easier presentation of growth & profit expectations.
  • Updated Cashflow Assumptions: Actual cash balance appears in cashflow model provides immediate feedback of cash planning decisions.
  • Income Statement automatically calculates NOL carry-forward

Business plan to raise capitalAttract Business Financing

  • Power Point® Slideshow Template
    Give the business plan pitch that wins the deal. Present a compelling story to investors and lenders
  • Valuation Model: How much is your deal / business worth? Uses several proven methods for valuation including weighted average. Calculates various scenarios: pre-money, post-money, stock give-up, ROI
  • Capitalization Table: Shows the value of all shares as you bring in investors through several rounds of financing and ultimately ‘exit’ via merger or IPO.
  • One-click access to answers, experts, investors, market statistics & resources online.
  • 18,000+ business segment benchmarks back-up your marketing analysis & financial assumptions
  • 31 ratios defined & measured with free access to BizStats to compare (We also provide explanations and make suggestions.)
  • One-page “What-if…” shows best & worst case scenarios compared to plan. No need to duplicate plans.
  • Investor Scratch Pad: Let investors play with your assumptions and theirs to see their ROI on your deal
  • Works equally well for external funding or bootstrapping approach.


  • Business plan Video“The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan” offers first-hand insights into business planning from your audience’s perspectives.
  • Added documents to support financing:
    • LLC Operating Agreement
    • Environmental Sustainability Section
  • Operations Section with Technology Discussion
  • The Handbook of Business Planningfull of expertise and time-tested wisdom on business and business planning!
  • Learn to speak in terms used by investors and lenders. Say the wrong thing and they may perceive you as unworthy — Become fully literate in investor & lender requirements & terminology.
  • 54 Supporting documentsto assure your success:
    • Cover letter templates to: Investors, Lenders, Friends…
    • Investor tracking spreadsheet
    • Invite letters to Board Members & Advisors
  • Automatic Back-Up & Restore — Save your work to your server, zip/floppy, memory stick, or the Internet
  • + $600 worth of extras! — All kinds of free and discount offers on useful products and services that will support your business plan.