I can help you

I’ve been in business for 40+ years and have a very strong background in sales, marketing and business development with both technology and consumer products. I’ve worked for companies like Texas Instruments, CPT and a number of start-ups. I was also the electronics buyer and a copywriter for The Sharper Image catalog.

Mostly, you want to work with me because of my unique experience building Business Power Tools over the past 30+ years. I’ve seen a lot, talked with many people about a myriad of businesses and situations and ideas flow constantly.

Use Business Power Tools software for a head-start

If you use the Business Power Tools software, you’ll have most of what I know already in a form you can immediately apply. All you really need me to do is to help you implement all of it. I already know where everything is so we can go fast. From there I will see more ways to build your business and we’ll talk about where you want to go and what you want to do going forward.

Here are a few ways I can help you…

  • Be your investor…
  • Review your business plan from an investors point-of-view…
  • Go through your financial model, review your assumptions…
  • What would motivate me to invest in your company?
  • What would scare me off?
  • Be your customer
  • Discuss your marketing strategy
  • Tweak your sales pitch so it can be stated easily
  • Edit your brochure copy—make it deliver the most effective presentation to make the sale.
  • What do your competitors offer that you don’t?
    Is it worth addressing? Or is there something better that you can do?
  • I can recommend you to others who can further help you

Sometimes, just the words you use are sending bad messages to the world — I’m happy to take you aside and powwow with you on a better way of [thinking behind what you are] saying what you want… in order to get you closer to what you really want.

$300 / hr or a Cool Trade

I may even be interested in stock in your company in lieu of or supplemental to my fee. I accept Cash / PayPal / Visa / MasterCard / American Express / or Some Kind of Cool Trade.

  • Time in your Vacation home
  • Time in your Ski cabin
  • Let me fly your Airplane
  • I love electric guitars
  • Livestock
  • a ranch for the livestock
  • You can think of something

Let’s have some fun here! You’ll get your money’s worth when you answer my questions, listen, and find something you can agree with — defending any position just prolongs the pain and takes longer on the meter.

We can work once or a few times, or at regular intervals (weekly/monthly).

If you want me to visit you, you must pay my travel expenses and a reasonable per diem for the privilege. (Ideally, you will send your jet to pick me up and take me home, although a good old-fashioned railroad car would be amusing.)

We can work this out in advance.
415-860-1070 mbl