In another lifetime long long ago, I sold word-processing systems.
The crux of our sales pitch was how much time our system would save all of the secretaries and others who were constantly typing documents.

To drive this point home, I created a spreadsheet to show how much time was worth.

For example, if you are earning $35,000 a year…

  • each month is worth  $2917
  • each week is worth      $673
  • each day is worth        $143
  • each hour is worth        $17.93
  • each minute is worth         $.30


So, as a salesperson, if I can show you that you would save an hour a day with our [xyz] system,
you can imagine what the return on investment would be.

For example…

  • 15 Minutes utilized each day for 1 Year  is Worth:  $1,094
  • 1 Hour utilized each day for 1 Month  is Worth:         $365
  • 1 Hour utilized each day for 1 Year  is Worth:         $4,375


Therefore if you were to save yourself an hour a day or work harder/smarter and added an hour of productivity to your day, what would that be worth to you?
(Or what if you were to hire others at a lesser rate than yours, how does that add up?)
The above example is for a person earning $35k.
My model takes it to $100,000,000!
You may get there if you start thinking like this.

If you would like to download this handy Excel-based chart, Click Here

Use it to determine the value of your own time, then consider what are the best uses of your time.