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Focus on Your Goal, Less on How You’ll Get There

“Don’t tell me something’s impossible. Tell me what it would take to make it possible.” – Burke Franklin Excerpted from Business Black Belt, by Burke Franklin After we figure out what we want, we immediately start to figure out how … Continue reading

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A Tip for Handling Criticism

Ugh! Not another complaint… That’s how it may feel to you, but let me give you another way to look at criticism. Be appreciative that they are giving their criticism to you and not blabbing to a hundred other otherwise … Continue reading

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Today’s advice comes from Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson’s Q&A column at Entrepreneur: “[A] partner with money is very useful, but a partner who will also provide you and your team with the space, time and freedom needed to build … Continue reading

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How a good business plan can help your company survive.

Why even write a business plan? There are certainly many excuses not to write one: They’re more trouble than they’re worth… It seems like a writing exercise that’s a waste of time… Nobody reads them anyway… etc. etc. These are … Continue reading

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Why did this happen to me?

I recently responded to a post wherein the question was asked, “Why did this happen to me?” While I agree with the author that at some point you must stop asking that question and move on; however, if you do … Continue reading

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